a) Hayto HMS is a face-to-face home visit Lesson service. We also provide online skype/zoom lessons when required at the same fees.
b) The first trial lesson is paid for in advance. From then on a Direct Debit mandate is set up and payment is taken in arrears after every lesson.
c) Teachers do not accept payments personally on the day or at any time for lessons.
d) You are not permitted to have lessons with a teacher on any instrument acquired through HHMS outside of HHMS.
e) Lessons take place weekly according to Hayto Home Music School term dates. HHMS term dates mirror Haringey Borough comprehensive school terms with one difference: We teach through the school half term holidays and bank holidays. However, you have the possibility to cancel lessons as long as it’s 24 hours or more in advance.
f) You can stop having lessons with HHMS at any time if you adhere to the cancellation policy below.
g) If you would like to recommend a teacher acquired through HHMS to someone else it must be done through HHMS.
h) General communication with HHMS must be by email. You can call James at HHMS to discuss specific matters not pertaining to general admin related.

2)HHMS Rights And Responsibilities
a) We at HHMS interview teachers for the teaching positions and commit to ensuring our teachers have a clean enhanced DBS.
b) As teachers at HHMS are self-employed we are not responsible for the teacher’s actions.
c) In the unlikely event, for any reason, you are not happy with a teacher we can supply a new teacher for you and will continue to do so until you are satisfied.
d) We don’t share your personal data outside of HHMS. We disclose your first name and postcode, instrument, and a few requirements initially with prospective teachers whilst finding a teacher. Once a teacher has been found we then, with your agreement provide them with your full name and address, in order for them to provide tuition services to you.
e) James at HHMS is happy to discuss on the telephone or by email, (no texts) pupils progress and personal enquiries regarding pupils only.
f) To endeavour to ensure Complaints are considered promptly and in accordance with these terms and conditions.
g) To endeavour to ensure that refunds to Students are made promptly in accordance with these terms and conditions.
h) To endeavour to ensure that Failed Payments are processed promptly and in accordance with these terms and conditions.
i) HHMS cannot guarantee that your tutorcruncher account will always be available. Occasionally the tutorcruncher website might be taken offline for maintenance purposes.

a) For the first trial lesson payment is taken in advance with GoCardless instant bank pay or Stripe card payment.
b) After the trial lesson and if you decide to continue lessons with us a direct debit mandate is setup with GoCardless and you are debited for each subsequent lesson in arrears. On completion of each lesson, you will receive an email with an attached invoice notifying you that payment will be taken.
c) Lessons are £27.50 for half an hour, £40 for 3/4 hour and £50 for 1 hour.
d) After your DD is confirmed, you will have a personal HHMS account in which you will be able to create your own password to view your upcoming lessons and cancel lessons.
e) We do not have access to your bank details. They are secure within GoCardless.

a) ** ONLY A PARENT( if a student is under 18) OR STUDENT CAN CANCEL THEIR LESSONS by signing into their account. Their teacher or HHMS CANNOT cancel the lesson for them.**
b) It is solely a parents( if a student is under 18) or students responsibilty to cancel your lesson in your tutorcruncher account via your phone, (it’s mobile friendly software) or your computer.
c) You can cancel the lesson with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice free of charge. In the event of cancellation, FOR ANY REASON under 24 hours before the lesson you are committed to paying the lesson price in full. If a pupil is unwell but still considering the lessons, you must inform us and it is at the teachers discretion whether they teach the pupil. You will still be charged the full lesson fee. If a teacher turns up at a lesson to find the student obviously contagious, they can also choose not to teach said pupil.
d) Only in the rare occasion, that the tutorcruncher system is down for maintenance, immediately email us at the school if you need to cancel a lesson(s).

a) You can reschedule a lesson, over 24 hours in advance of said lesson. It needs to be rescheduled for the same week before the next lesson. The rescheduled lesson happens before the next lesson, or the lesson is simply cancelled.
b) The original lesson date remains in the diary irrespective of the rescheduled lesson date. For example, if a lesson on Tuesday at 4pm is rescheduled to Friday at 4pm you will receive a direct debit notification after the Friday lesson but with the original Tuesday at 4pm lesson date.
c) A rescheduled lesson can be face to face, online or in the form of a pre-recorded lesson (that can be viewed at any time) in case there’s no other option available.
d) A rescheduled lesson cannot be cancelled. You can only reschedule a lesson once.

Hayto Home Music School term dates mirror Haringey comprehensive school terms with one difference. We teach through the school half term holidays and bank holidays. If you don’t want lessons in the half term holidays or bank holidays you may cancel online anytime up to 24 hours before the lesson. You can also cancel lessons in term times provided you stick to the terms and conditions.

If there is restricted parking in your street it is your responsibility to supply the teacher with a permit.

a) HHMS seeks to provide the best service possible and provide a safe experience in which children can learn.
b) Any parent of a child under the age of 18 who has a lesson with a Tutor should not leave the child in the sole care of that tutor.
c) All Tutors must comply with the The Tutors’ Association Child Protection Policy, whether or not they are a member of The Tutors’ Association, and all relevant legislation and government guidance. The Policy can be found at this link: https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/1a668a6b-1c3c-4fdd-ad54-243a369a420a/downloads/1cksgq6k5_30316.pdf
d) If any parent has a concern regarding child protection, they should contact James at HHMS immediately.

Regarding damage to HHMS rental equipment, considered beyond acceptable wear and tear, incurred whilst in a pupils/parents possession: It is the full responsibility of the parent or pupil (if over to ensure the equipment is replaced with the same instrument in pre-rental condition.

If any tutors possessions are damaged by a pupil or anyone associated with the pupil , (including animals) whilst in their property it is the full responsibility of the parent or pupil (if over 18) to cover the cost of replacing the damaged item.

10) These terms and conditions will be updated from time to time and you will notified by the system and asked whether you agree to the changes.

11) By booking your first lesson through HHMS you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above.

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